Project Development

Project Development is operated under the authority of the County Commissioners. Staff works with the County Commissioners and others as necessary to develop projects and to subsequently manage projects. Projects are begun either through the initiative of the County Commissioners or when eligible entities within Fulton County propose projects that are subsequently funded and/or undertaken. From time-to-time funding sources for various types of projects become available. Eligible nonprofit organizations and municipalities should contact the Director of Project Development at 717-485-3691 to discuss project ideas.

Phone: 717-485-3691

Community Development Block Grant

A regular annual funding source is the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Information on the CDBG program may be found at the above link. Forms and information specific to the CDBG program in Fulton County are found below.

CDBG Administrator: Karen Hann, 717-485-6864


MBE-WBE Plan: Attachment E - MBE-WBE Subcontractors Quarterly Utilization Report Form
MBE-WBE Plan: Attachment D - MBE-WBE Prime Contractors Quarterly Utilization Report Form
MBE-WBE Plan: Attachment C - Minority and Women Business Enterprise Bidder Certification
MBE-WBE Plan: Attachment B - MBE-WBE Contract Solicitation and Commitment Statement
MBE-WBE Plan: Attachment A - Solicitation Market Areas
MBE-WBE Plan - Fulton County, PA


Section 504 Grievance Form - Grievance Information
Fair Housing Notice
Fair Housing Coloring Book
2018 Fair Housing Brochure
2014 CDBG income survey form