Fulton County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Welcome to the Fulton County Hazard Mitigation Plan Website. This website provides project updates, resources, and links to hazard mitigation for the update of the plan.

The purpose of this Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) is to minimize the effects that natural, technological, and man-made hazards have on the people, property, environment, and business operations within Fulton County. A steering committee comprised of county, state, and community leaders will work to identify risks, assess capabilities, and create a strategy to reduce disaster vulnerability.

Keep checking back regularly for information on upcoming events and to review and comment on the draft plan.

Meeting Minutes

Draft Sections

Section 2 - County Profile 111219

Hazard Profiles

Section 4.3.1 - Dam Failure 092519
Section 4.3.2 - Drought 110819
Section 4.3.3 - Earthquake 110819
Section 4.3.6 - Hailstorm 102519
Section 4.3.7 - Landslide 092519
Section 4.3.8 - Radon Exposure 102519
Section 4.3.9 - Subs Sink 100819
Section 4.3.11 - Trans. Accidents 100819
Section 4.3.12 - Wildfire 102519
Section 4.3.13 - Winter Storm 092519