Planning Commission - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many municipalities are there in Fulton County?

A: 13

Q: Does the office have flood plain maps?


Q: How do I get an address?

A: Notify the planning director and give directions to the property. The driveway must be marked because the address is assigned from the driveway.

Q: Is there a list of municipal officials and meeting dates available?


Q: How many people live in Fulton County?

A: 14,261 as of the 2000 Census

Q: Is there zoning in any of the municipalities?

A: McConnellsburg Borough

Q: Does Fulton County have a Comprehensive Plan?


Q: Does the Planning Office have maps of Fulton County with the new roads listed?

A: YES - They are $2.00 each.

Q: What is eligible for CDBG funding?

A: Please contact Ms. Karen Hann for eligibility requirements.